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Rough-in Ready®
Rough-in Ready® is a pre-engineered and preassembled UL listed electrical wiring system with custom-made components for a branch circuits installations of virtually any size. Rough-in Ready® develops and manufactures cost-saving electrical support products for building and construction projects that require repetitive electrical wiring installation.
Load:Logic® Control Panels
The Hubbell Load:Logic panels are self-contained load control systems. All inputs are low voltage and hard-wired to terminal blocks in the panel. Input power supply is multi-tapped for typical service voltages. Line voltage terminals are located with generous space for easy connection.
Dual Technology Low Voltage Wall Switch Sensors
The Hubbell Dual Technology Low Voltage Wall Sensor offers an energy savings solution for use with lighting, HVAC and to comply with Automatic Receptacle Control. The sensor is an ideal cost effective solution when used in smaller spaces such as private offices, conference rooms and restrooms.
OPTIMYZER® High/Low Bay Occupancy & Daylight Sensors
The OPTIMYZER® sensor provides occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting for indoor lighting applications. It is ideal for a variety of large space applications such as warehousing, gymnasiums, storage and more.
Configurable Receptacles
Hubbell offers a wide variety of receptacles that can be configured as a Hubbell Receptacle Special. Over 400 of Hubbell’s 15 and 20 Amp standard receptacles are configurable, including Duplex and Style Line Decorator in Tamper-Resistant, Hospital Grade and SNAPConnect. All orders are shipped in bulk packaging for convenience.
SNAPConnect® Receptacle Wiring Tester with GFCI Test Button
The SNAPConnect® Circuit Tester is an exclusive three-function tool. Use it to test the wiring of installed receptacles, roughed in SNAPConnect receptacle terminals and to ensure that GFCI receptacles are wired correctly and functioning as intended.
SNAPConnect Devices Brochure
Now includes USB as well as Single Receptacles, Spec Grade, Hospital Grade, GFCI, Surge and Isolated Ground Receptacles in Tamper-Resistant and/or LED Power Indicating versions. Also included are SnapConnect Switches.
Cabled Charging Stations
Hubbell’s On-the-Go Cabled Charging Stations require minimal assembly and install easily. There are two styles available; a semi-permanent wall mount unit or a relocatable floor stand.
Powered Seating Boxes
Hubbell's On-the-Go Powered Seating Boxes fulfill customers' need for power accessibility. As the use of electronic devices has increased, the demand for charging has followed. Powered Seating Boxes provide an easy means of charging user's devices while meeting custom space requirements.
Series 18 Single Pole, 300 and 400 Amp Plugs
Series 18, Ball Nose, Single Pole devices is a popular solution for welding connections and at shipyards. They are also widely used in the Canadian Broadcasting Industry.